Haredim Ba'akademia

The program's mission is to empower members of the haredi community in Israel who wish to build a career, earn an academic degree and compete for upwardly-mobile positions.


The program provides participants with an individualized basket of benefits and services, including scholarships, to help close the educational and cultural gaps that prevent many haredim from entering the workforce and building a successful career.

Direct services to beneficiaires include: scholarships, career counseling, assistance in preparing for academic entrance exams, learning strategies, English enrichment, professional mentoring, networking, CV writing, interview skills, meeting potential employers and individual consultations.

Fifty-two percent of the program's current 2,000 students are in technology and sciences tracks.

The overwhelming majority of graduates (88%) are gainfully employed in upwardly-mobile positions.

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Netivim L’Taasuka

The program's mission is to make childcare affordable for unemployed and impoverished single mothers in Israel who are determined to rejoin the workforce and break the cycle of poverty.


Netivim L'taasuka provides childcare subsidies and professional counseling to unemployed single mothers as bridge-funding until they are able to rejoin the workforce and access government benefits.

Due to a labyrinth of irrational, anachronistic bureaucratic hurdles, many impoverished single mothers with young children who want to work are unable to because childcare is unaffordable. Once they are working, however, they can access governmental subsidies which make childcare affordable. We provide the bridge-funding to break this catch-22.

Direct services to beneficiaries include: subsidized day care, summer camp, after school programs; employment counselling and vocational training subsidies.

400 single mothers and their children benefit from the program on an annual basis. Since the program's establishment in 2010, 1,500 unemployed single mothers (94% of beneficiaries) have become fully employed.

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org


Youth At Risk

El Hanefesh

The program's mission is to enable children and youth in Israel requiring mental health care to access suitable professional services.


El Hanefesh seeks to upgrade the capacity of schools across Israel to: identify students who are struggling and can benefit from mental health interventions; refer them to qualified and culturally-appropriate practitioners; and track their progress.

The program offers schools:

  • professional training for school administrative and teaching staff
  • professional development of a mental health care monitor at each school
  • access to an extensive practitioner referral database
  • sexual abuse prevention programs

The program offers clients:

  • access to psychological, psychiatric or therapeutic care
  • referral database of 800 qualified practitioners
  • parental counseling
  • subsidies for professional fees in cases of need

El Hanefesh has a caseload of 5,900 clients in 350 schools. The progress of each client is assessed with feedback reports from the client, his/her therapist and the school. Overall, 95% of clients report improved mental health upon completing therapy.

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org


Merchavim's mission is to help disenfranchised religious high school students re-engage with their peers, their schools, and their communities - thus preventing at-risk behavior and school drop-out.


Merchavim trains teachers to use custom-designed diagnostic tools to identify 9th Grade high-risk students. A professional committee then designs a customized intervention plan for each student to improve educational capacities, social skills and unaddressed mental health issues.

Services to beneficiaries include: 

  • access and subsidy of psychological or therapeutic care
  • parental counseling
  • psychological and didactic assessments
  • extra lessons and/or remedial teaching
  • social skill development
  • extra-curricular activities

The program offers schools:

  • professional training for school administrative and teaching staff
  • professional development of school project coordinators at each school
  • access to an extensive practitioner referral database

Merchavim has a caseload of 250 beneficiaries. Approximately 90% of participating students remain in school, create meaningful relationships with their peers, and improve their scholastic performance.

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org

מרחבים לוגו

Dormitories for Youth at Risk

The program's mission is to catalyze the creation of safe housing solutions for female minors and young adults facing high-risk home situations.


The program provides NGOs with seed funding to open facilities for female minors and young adults who have been removed from their families by Welfare services, and help the facilities achieve best-practice standards and Welfare Ministry funding. Yedidut Toronto continues to provide professional training and ensure best-practice.

Services to beneficiaries include: 

Safe housing, basic needs (e.g. medical care, food, clothing), emotional therapy, career guidance, life-skills workshops and extracurricular activities.

The program has a caseload of 120 minors and young adults. Typically, graduates of the program emerge as well-adjusted young adults capable of successfully integrating into society and leading independent lives.

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The program seeks to empower struggling high school students in disadvantaged sectors of Israeli society to earn a high school diploma.


The intervention model consists of identifying struggling high school students and provide to them remedial instruction. 

1,760 students participate in small learning groups, while school staff benefit from professional development, guidance and data analysis. 

92% of the program's 2,500 graduates earned a high school diploma.

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org

Capture Teudah

Kol Koreh Israel

The program's mission is to equalize educational opportunities for children among disadvantaged sectors of Israeli society.


The intervention model consists of identifying struggling readers in grades 1-2, and providing them with individualized remedial literacy instruction.

The program's 550 students undergo didactic assessment and receive appropriate remedial literacy instruction. Teachers receive reading instruction training. Parents benefit from parent-child workshops.

Participants significantly improve their reading skills and typically catch up with the rest of their class. They also retain their normative reading levels in higher grades. 

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org


ASAP - Child Abuse Safety Program

ASAP's mission is to help Jewish communities create a responsible, safe and abuse-free environment.


Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a critical issue plaguing the Jewish community worldwide. 

When left untreated, CSA can result in serious trauma that manifests itself into multifaceted and devastating repercussions for victims and their families. This untreated trauma is often the root cause of major problems with which the Jewish community is contending, including: Youth at Risk, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, Suicide and Mental Health issues.

ASAP is a nonprofit organization that addresses CSA through the following means:

  • Raise awareness of CSA and the damaging repercussions of its residual trauma.
  • Provide professional and advocacy services for CSA victims and their families.
  • Enable victims in need to access affordable, professional mental health care.
  • Create culturally-sensitive prevention programs for schools and summer camps.
  • Provide trauma training to therapists working with religious victims of abuse

For more details, please contact us at: admin@asap.care


Poverty Alleviation


Kidum's mission is to empower families in Israel to extricate themselves from poverty and remain self-sufficient.


1,500 families living under the poverty line receive intensive training and guidance in three key interrelated areas: family cohesiveness, financial literacy and employment.

A case manager creates an individualized work plan for each family, coordinates counseling sessions, and monitors progress.

Since the program's establishment in 2015, 55% of families have increased their income by at least 20%; 67% of families decreased the gap between income and expenses; 83% of the families came to an arrangement to cover their debts; 52% of unemployed men and 58% of unemployed women began working; 85% of the men are still working full time.

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org


Daf Chadash

Since its inception in 2013, the program's mission has been to empower women and children leaving shelters for victims of domestic abuse to build safe and independent lives and reintegrate into the community.


The intervention model consists of a designated social worker visiting each woman regularly at her home, helping her to regain control over her life and set short- and long-term goals. Women receive assistance in developing their parenting skills, accessing social benefits, setting career goals and getting vocational training. The ultimate goal is to help each woman lead an independent life.

Participants benefit from rent subsidies, furniture and appliances, emotional therapy, and extracurricular activities and informal education for her children.

This year, the program is serving 120 women and 310 children. 

Of the 175 women who have graduated the program, 95% live independently.

For more details, please contact us at: info@ff-yt.org

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