Yedidut Toronto

Empowering disadvantaged members of Jewish communities in Israel, the US and Canada

Yedidut Toronto's mission is to identify unmet social needs and create effective, cost-efficient intervention models that empower people to become self-sufficient.


Our programs are effective, cost-efficient and scalable due to innovative design and the development of advanced technological tools.

Measurement and Evaluation

The impact of our activities is measurable due to the implementation of best-practice evaluation methods in everything we do.

Intervention Models

Our intervention models are informed not only by top-down research, but by bottom-up feedback from diverse stakeholders.

Social Return on Investment

As managers of philanthropic assets, we have a fiduciary duty to allocate charitable funds intelligently, productively and responsibly. 

As such, we strive to ensure that our programs generate positive monetary and social returns for society. 

We accomplish this mainly by helping disadvantaged individuals who are dependent on society attain self-sufficiency.